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Weirdest japanese dating games

Here’s some of the more ridiculous examples of the genre.

It’s totally free too, so play it here and cross that Cretaceous love boundary! Because why wouldn’t you want to play a dating sim that lets you date an alpaca?

When he meets the beautiful and mysterious Catherine (with a 'C') and begins an affair with her, the nightmares get more intense.

By day, the player navigates Vincent through the challenging task of juggling two women while deciding his fate.

is best enjoyed when you have no idea what’s going on, but you’ll stick around for the difficult and mind-bending gameplay.

Vincent Brooks begins to have serious nightmares after his girlfriend, Katherine (with a 'K'), begins to pressure him on marriage.

But I think this one, being a princess of elements, is the weirdest of them all!

But the uniforms are beautiful so I'm not complaining!

In fact, you’re the only human around the entire city. And you meet pigeons of various types, all illustrated with anthropomorphised bishonen images, in addition to pictures of actual pigeons. It’s a bizarre concept, but the gameplay is so endearing and corresponds so nicely to traditional dating sim conventions, that it’s surprisingly easy to get lost in the storyline.