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Who china anne mcclain dating

So in honor of all the girls Shontell decided to name her daughter China. The young girl is extremely talented and has an amazing voice with no doubt.

And he’s definitely a fan of dating his cast mates.

These good looking actors win all their co-stars and fellow Disney girls over with their charm, and we’re here to give you the low-down on their extensive dating lives.

From Cameron Boyce to Nick and Joe Jonas, these Disney guys just can’t get enough of the beautiful Disney girls they’ve dated and the ones they were rumored to be linked to.

The styles that they like to work with are Pop and R&B. She would love to work with Drake, ‘cause she is his number one fan. China Anne Mc Clain was nominated several times and won three NAMIC Vision and Image Awards for her roles in ‘Tyler Perry’s House if Payne’ and ‘A.