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Even though we'd been around for a while, we were starting to fall into a case of almost not caring anymore.

I wouldn't really like to say any more about what it sounds like, 'cause it's just instrumental stuff at the minute and we're still finding our feet. We're just working our asses off trying to [come up] with something special, as we always do."He also reflected on the absence of their longtime drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas.

We've only got six instrumentals; two of them we've kind of demoed vocals on. Moose was not present in the band since early in 2016, due to personal reasons.

Despite their status as one of metal's biggest names, the quartet struggled to ensure their health and sanity remained intact.

As a person born on this date, Matthew Tuck is listed in our database as the 24th most popular celebrity for the day (January 20) and the 176th most popular for the year (1980).

Birth Name: Matthew Tuck Place of Birth: Ogwr, Glamorganshire, Wales Date of Birth: January 20, 1980 Ethnicity: Welsh Matt Tuck is a Welsh singer, songwriter, and musician.

He is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine, and the backing vocalist and guitarist of the supergroup Axe Wound.

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