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Who is stan walker dating

He also worked as a judge on The X Factor New Zealand for two years.

Impressive: Earlier this week the What Do You Mean?

star sent fans into rapture when he released the Skrillex-produced track on You Tube and Twitter, along with a video featuring an all-female dance troupe'Have you seen Justin Bieber's new video?

READ MORE: * Happy ending began here * 'Hugely exciting advance' in fight against triple negative breast cancer * Breast cancer sufferers' crusade for more medicine * Wellington sisters' Mastecto Tees breast cancer awareness shirts seen worldwide * Stan Walker postpones tour after mum's cancer diagnosis"I went on a Tuesday to see the doctor and she said it was cancerous and I freaked out.

The two finalists sang with Canadian star Michael Buble, performing his hit song as 6000 fans watched on in the sweltering heat.

Award-winning recording artist Stan Walker and his mother both have a rare cancer-causing gene mutation that is responsible for the death of at least 25 of their family members.

The aggressive CDH1 hereditary mutation is found in more than 400 known families worldwide and it's estimated 25 families in New Zealand have it.

It is further estimated that 70 per cent of people with the CDH1 mutation will be diagnosed with stomach cancer by age 40 while women have an additional 35 to 40 per cent chance of getting lobular breast cancer.