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Who is zach roloff dating 2016

I arrived in my 20s with just the same sparky excitement for the big city, fun nights out, rapid career advancement and living to its fullest.

Your brain will never be more sponge-like and inexhaustible.

All the hard workers already run their own company.

When you find that rare eligible workhorse, you grab her and shower her with money and opportunity, hoping she will accept. Luckily, this is a happy situation and something to celebrate rather than dread.

Mixed greens in your apartment fridge where your peers keep redbulls and $50 bottles of vodka. There’s plenty of room at the edges for laughs over fine tequila and winks over surreptitious servings of weed. Work is the foundation, and all other activities need to be metered carefully to fit around that core of work.

You can dance and feast and have ill-advised romances and circulate in the penthouse parties of billionaires. Once you become an Actual Rich Person, with a business drowning in opportunities but short on talent and you deal regularly in financial figures that contain more than one comma, you start to see how this works.

Having recently spent a few days there doing the old clinking of cocktail glasses in expensive restaurants with attractive entrepreneurial people and delicious food flying around everywhere, I have a fresh memory of the vibe of that lifestyle.

It makes you feel powerful, and feeling powerful is a useful precursor to actually powerful – gaining the power to live a happy and excellent life.

It’s easy to have a successful business if you can find really smart people who are willing to do really hard work for you, in exchange for a high salary.