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It provided that the compensation to be paid to displaced persons will be confined to the utilization of the acquired evacuee property in India as well as any amount realized from Pakistan on account of the difference between the values of evacuee properties in the two countries.

After the partition of the Country, negotiations were carried out with the Government of Pakistan for more than six years with a view to arrive at an equitable solution of the problem of immovable evacuee property.

The Government of India had been of the view that the immovable evacuee properties including agricultural land in India and Pakistan should be exchanged in lump sum on Government to Government basis, whereby the debtor country should pay to the creditor for the difference between the values of such properties in the two countries.

It is only under certain given circumstances that a transaction can be challenged as a benami transaction, but your case does not fall under the said category.

You can always challenge the action of the Bank in granting loan without ascertaining the authenticity of the Power of Attorney.

In a pending suit before a court he has entered into a compromise contract with the other party. A Mohamdean can gift an immovable property by making an oral gift provided three ingredients are satisfied.

These ingredients are (a) there must be a declaration of gift, (b) there must be acceptance of the gift by the donee, and (c) the possession of the property which is the subject-matter of the gift must have been delivered to the done.

The proposals made by the Government of India form time to time were, however, turned down by Pakistan.