Start Wsus cluster aware updating

Wsus cluster aware updating

The team created fine, but didn’t initialize on one server.

Although I see no purpose in changing editions, you can convert a standard edition installation to datacenter by entering the following command at the command prompt: I have found issues when trying to use a volume license key during the above dism command.

The key above is a well-documented key, which always works for me.

Server 2012 Standard includes two virtual use licenses, while Datacenter includes unlimited. Virtual use licenses are only allowed so long as the host server is not running any other role other than Hyper-V.

Because there is no difference in feature set, you can start off with standard and look to move to datacenter if you happen to scale out in the future.

I tend to use,, and to connect.

When configuring your server adapters be sure to uncheck the option to register the adapter in DNS so you don’t end up populating your DNS database with errant entries for your host servers.

Download and install the Broadcom Management Applications Installeron each of your hyper-v nodes.

Once installed, there should be a management application called Broadcom Advanced Control suite.

Use CAT6 cables for this since they are certified for 1Gbps network traffic.

Try to keep redundancy in mind here, so connect one port from one controller card to a single nic port on the 331FLR, and the second controller card to a single NIC port on the 331T: On our hyper-V nodes we are going to have to configure the connecting Ethernet adapters with the specified subnet that co-relates to the SAN.

This is not supported yet in Windows Server 2012, however the NIC’s I am using are all Broadcom.